In a recent interview with RollingStone, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo was asked about the band's current trajectory. He had the following to say of new music from Metallica:

What's going on with the new Metallica album?

We're working on these songs and we're having a blast. We are being productive and having fun.

What do these songs sound like?

It's sounding like Metallica [laughs].

Does it feel like an extension of Death Magnetic?

I can't say that yet. I really can't relate it to any album; I think every Metallica album is unique in its own way. What we're doing is special and unique in its own way, but still keeping it heavy. For me as a listener, part of the journey I'm on with Metallica, there's just a certain edge that needs to be there. Before I even joined Metallica, I used to train for tours, when I was in Suicidal Tendencies, to Ride the Lightning. There's nothing like jogging the trails to, like, "Fight Fire With Fire." I can tell you that what we're doing sounds heavy, but again each album is its own little experience. So we'll just have to wait and see.

While we wait for more on that front, here are some classics from the legends:

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