The four-piece instrumental wonder known as Polyphia recently put out a new music video for “Aviator”. This includes a solo from the beastly Jason Richardson (currently of Chelsea Grin, previously from Born of Osiris). If you haven’t heard, the song is awesome. The video itself is cool too, showing off how skilled these musicians are in what must be a funeral home. It makes for interesting contrast towards the bands usual upbeat and tasteful composition. You can watch below.

In other Polyphia news, the band has signed with Equal Vision and recently brought a re-release of their debut album, “Muse”. It has been remastered and repackaged as a result. If you wish to support the band with a purchase, LOOK HERE.

For some related reading, check out our first ever album review in the form of a poem. It was done for the initial release of the “Muse” last year. READ HERE.

Stay shreddy, my friends.

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