Haven't heard of this band yet? How about putting together the recent Youtube phenomenon Alex Terrible's unreal vocals, a fast and hard hitting Russian deathcore band, and Acrania's Jack Simmons? The result is a devastating deathcore mix, pushing hard on velocity and heaviness, currently spreading hate all over Europe. The band is going through intense live activity right now to promote the release of their debut EP "Chapters Of Misery", coming to you on April 21st. This is some extremely original, Earth cracking music. It pushes boundaries of heaviness slightly forward and delivers what every deathcore fan should love.

They just released a new video for the song called "Misery" featured on the upcoming EP. This one comes after the band's debut video, "Hell", which has received a good response on Youtube so far. If you dig thier stuff, you can go pre-order their EP HERE and go check em out at this summer's UK Tech-Metal Fest!


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