Okay, it's two days after the fact, but we had to pay tribute to what is likely one of the most epic April Fools jokes of the year…

In a mysterious development worthy of a big ol' WTF, Slipknot have started up a surrogacy programme in order to "Wait And Breed". The joke was to propogate future band members in an attempt to make the band "immortal".

In a recent interview with the BBC, Slipknot skin slammer M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan even stated the following:

“I’m always trying to figure out how to let it be forever, kind of like a Van Gogh painting. They’re not just gonna take one of my album covers and stick it in the Louvre. But if we can keep it going, if we can keep the philosophy and the culture going, there’s no reason why kings and queens can’t take it over.

Don’t be surprised one day, you know, nobody in the band will be in the band. It’ll all just be new people. I’ll be eighty and there’ll be a whole Slipknot thing moving. I mean, we’ve got two new guys now, man. You never know — my son might take over. You never know.”

The band quite literally has an entire website with an application and additional info dedicated to this. You can see it HERE.

When I found out, my sides nearly split from laughing. So all that's left to say is well done, Slipknot, well done. Oh, and here's some music.

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