The guys who run The Summer Slaughter tour are masters of getting people anticipated for lineup releases. For the past few months the tour’s Facebook page has been periodically posting lyrics and song titles from certain bands as statuses. This apparently is the way they want to  tease us and let us know what bands are going to be playing the tour this summer. Sneaky bastards…

Here are the hints and the bands they are referring to:

February 20

You Will Know My Name.


April 1

take another look at yourself… tell me what do you see..


April 1

Anticosmic Overload. \m/


April 22

A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat


April 24

Omnipresent Perception


April 24

Madness Opus


April 24

Cursing Akhenaten


April 26



April 27


Why do you have to play with my heart, Summer Slaughter? This is one of the best lineups for a tour that I’ve seen in awhile. Yet I have to wait around three more months before I get to experience the devastation and destruction that will ensue at this festival. There is some speculation on who the remaining acts will be. I’ve heard rumors of The Black Dahlia Murder, which would make sense seeing as they yet to have announced a confirmed summer tour. Perhaps it may be some bands that are playing in the Canadian affiliated festival Heavy Montreal. In any case, The Circle Pit will be at Summer Slaughter covering the madness that takes place. I can’t fucking wait.

Summer Slaughter: Facebook // Twitter // Official Website