Its been one Hell of a day for new material. First Slice The Cake and now Agent Fresco provide us with a tantalising glimpse at the vibe of the 2nd Album, as provided by Artist Direct.

The track, See Hell is inspired by an unsavoury incident which happened to singer, Arnor a couple of years ago.

“The emotional trigger for this album was a disgusting encounter with violence that I had a couple of years ago. See Hell raises questions about the nature of violence, the act of revenge and its consequences. Waking up and going to sleep with intense anger and angst is such a heavy weight on your heart but I wanted to stay close to these raw emotions and feed off them when making the album, so I kept them animated throughout the entire process. In hindsight, I now realize that it got a bit out of hand that in the end, I almost fell victim to my own personal Stockholm syndrome, and this is what we wanted to capture in the music video.”

The video in question features Icelandic actor Arnar Dan physicalising some of the powerful emotional responses that encountering violence inspires. And as Arnor says in the bands official statement:

“I’ve wanted to collaborate with the Icelandic actor Arnar Dan for some time now, and after working with him on pre-production and being with him on set, I can proudly say he fucking nailed the song with his performance in the video. Being my emotional Doppelgänger always made sense, though, given that our names are almost identical. It was just meant to be!”

Agent Fresco’s 2nd album, Destrier, is released on the 7th of August.

– John Whitmore

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