If you’ve been paying attention these past few months, then you probably already know it’s an exciting time to be a Deftones fan. The band is currently gearing up to release a brand new album, hopefully this September (As announced HERE). And as to be expected, teases and info leaks have been coming from a number of directions, all of which are building up to the main event.

Most recently, in an interview with KOMP Digital, vocalist Chino Moreno let it be known that Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell will have a guest solo. You can catch the interview down below or read the direct quote here:

He came in and there’s this one track, in the demo stages of it, I was like there’s this hole in there. In Deftones songs there’s not really any guitar solos per se, but there is a section in there that is not typically a solo, but it had an area where it could use something like what he does, especially his style and just the way he plays guitar. So I sent him the track and he then like sent it back like two days later. So when we recorded the song, he came in and laid it down. It’s just awesome. You’re hearing a Deftones song, but then a little bit of Alice In Chains and it’s kind of neat.

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