I’d be lying if I said I was surprised by this news… It appears as if Five Finger Death punch broke up on stage last night in Memphis, TN. Or at the very least, they sure let their egos get the better of them. Either way, it resulted in a sub-par showing.

Allow me to interject this with a little story of my own… My one any only experience with the band was taking photographs at a festival 2 years back. During that process, Five Finger Death Punch were collectively more concerned with looking pretty and posing for the cameras then they were about playing for the thousands of people behind us. I’ve seen hundreds of sets up close and far away but have never seen a band act quite like this. Egotistical is the word that comes to mind.

With that being said, allow me to recant that it comes as no surprise that the band may have very well broke up on stage last night. You can look over the videos of it happening and read this attendee’s reaction as provided by The New Fury where you can also read a boat load of Twitter comments on the events.

“Ivan held up Jeremy’s book and asked the fans if they had this FFDP book. Then, still mic’d seemingly unknowingly, said “That I had nothing to do with”, directed at Jeremy. Jeremy then threw his sticks and walked off stage, and the band shortly followed. Ivan talked for a minute, threw his mic, and marched off. A few minutes later, Ivan came back, rambled and talked to the fans, and attempted to play around on Jeremy’s drumkit, trying to lead a song rather weakly. Jeremy and the rest of the band came back and played a song while sounding completely out of step with each other, while Ivan stayed really close to Jeremy, seeming to talk shit to him. Everyone left again, Ivan threw the mic again. This routine repeated a couple more times until they just ran out of stage time and walked off stage, not to return. As a whole, looked like Ivan was being a dick.”


Vocalist Ivan Moody had the following to say:

“There were a lot of technical problems last night that were seemingly unsolvable. We had to make a decision whether to hit the stage crippled, without being able to hear ourselves; or, delay the start of the show – possibly for hours.

We decided to proceed, but not being able to hear if I was in key, and just guessing where we were in the song frustrated me to the point that I lost my cool.

I’m not saying I handled it appropriately. Matter of fact I’ve never been so embarrassed before. I apologize for taking out my anger on stage. You guys know me and you know how I pride myself on my live performances. I’d never want this to boil over in to something that epically wrong ever again.

To some of our crew, good luck in your future endeavors we wish you the best – we also welcome our new monitor engineer Paul Weber.

To our fans in Memphis – we’ll make it up to you I promise, Houston we we will see you tonight. The rest of the world – yes we are coming.

And to the haters… wipe that smirk off your face …We are not going anywhere … This β€œain’t my last dance!”


In response, an attendee and fan had the following to say:

I was there and there were no technical problems! The problem was with him and Jeremy. I’m a knucklehead. Seen them 8 times and last night was bullshit! All over the damn book. I have it all on video and there were no problems but with them. I would be embarrassed too because the way you acted was uncalled for. You still got payed and your fans didn’t get the show we all came for! No hater here, just a disappointed fan in the way you acted and handled it. Your words fuck it and slammed the mic stand on the ground and walked off stage! … Every other band had no problem, not one bit. Hell, Breaking Benjamin rocked the same stage before them.

Another attendee and fan also had the following to say:

“Okay, I claim bullshit. Look I was deployed to Iraq for 15 months and y’all performed twice while I was there. This band being big supporters of the military and their music is what kept me sane in some really difficult times. Being an infantryman, I was outside the wire during both performances so I missed them live. Then 5 years later, I find out they are performing on my birthday during Memphis in May I couldn’t believe it. I bought 5 tickets so me and my wife and kids could enjoy one of the greatest bands of all time together as a family. We bought tickets just for that one day because it’ all we could afford and this was the only band we really wanted to see. Then bullshit went down and all this planning and building up went down the drain… I just want to know the truth. I was there. I saw what happened and technical difficulties isn’t what was going on. This statement is bullshit. The least you can do for the fans is give us a true statement about what really went on and stop bullshitting us around. Be the band you promote and give us the truth.”