It’s always a good feeling when you stumble upon an awesome new band. Like finding currency on the side walk, it can bring an unexpected smile to the face. And that’s precisely the feeling I got upon discovering Finland’s very own Inthraced right now. They bring a style of music they refer to Melodic Extreme Metal which really hits the nail on the head. In addition, they have some really cool Symphonic elements and an all around creative drive dipped in molten metal.

At this point in their career, they’ve released two EPs – 2012’s “The New Awakening” and last year’s masterpiece “The Rising Chaos”. I’ve yet to listen to “The New Awakening” but “The Rising Chaos” literally has me foaming at the mouth from it’s brilliance! Seriously, check it out!

As if the music wasn’t good enough, the deal you can get on it is even better! Inthraced currently has their music available for a “name your price” download! WHAT!? Grab some tunes and be sure to show these guys your support. It’s completely deserved.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp