I just discovered some awesome, and very much underground, Black Metal music stemming from Eskisehir, Turkey. Karasafra delivers on a number of fronts with their debut EP “Chaos Manifest”. It’s actually a fairly well produced Black Metal experience bringing Progressive elements and good musicianship into the fold. It could easily be recommended to any and all fans of the genre.

The entire effort is currently live and streaming just below. Better yet, all of the music is available exclusively for FREE DOWNLOAD over on Bandcamp! Give them a listen and be sure to show some love if you enjoy! The band describes themselves as such:

Resembling the whole presence in the universe, life itself evolves too, and swings between the edges like a pendulum in the way the darkness and the light do constantly. Time occurs by this swinging of presence and life too finds its meaning in dialectic. Getting inspired from this dialectic, Karasafra set off to explore the ways of wisdom up to the all edges


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp