Them Pittsburg boys are at it again. Delusions of Grandeur have recently released a new single titled “Glazed Donut Zero”. The band gave some backstory as to how they came up with the odd title of the song.

“Once upon a time, Brent made a satirical indiegogo asking for funds so he could do absolutely nothing with his life, mocking the people that asked for money for frivolous things . This was obviously a joke as any person with a brain could see. One gentlemen who will remain unnamed saw Brent’s kickstarter on our facebook page. For reasons unknown to us, this man took the post seriously and offered him some ‘advise’. Little did he know that his insult ‘Glazed Donut Zero’ would become our next song title. His quote is captured on the picture in this video.”

There’s not a whole lot to be said. Awesome band releases awesome new single that sounds awesome. This track in particular has the heavy feel of The Acacia Strain mixed with some arousing technical goodness. Check it out below!

Delusions of Grandeur also recently released a cover of Pantera’s “Domination” which you can check out here:

And here’s some more music because I fucking love these guys.

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