What a pleasant surprise we have here. While wandering the internet, we happened upon a UNFD SoundCloud link to an all new Northlane track. Furthermore, it seems to be relatively unheard by human ears. This is somewhat surprising given the typically rabid reception this band gets. Though I’m sure it will spread like wildfire within the next 24 hours or so.

Presenting “Ra”. That’s a reference to the Egyptian god, by the way, not your dorm adviser or rheumatoid arthritis. Between this and the other recent single, “Rot”, all the clues for their current efforts are given. Most everything has been kept under wraps.

Both singles also allow you to have a glimpse of what new vocalist Marcus Bridge will bring to the table. So far, it’s sounding pretty good. For the record, he also delivered a great performance when we saw them on a North American tour a few months back. They’ll be hitting Australia and Europe very soon.

Stay tuned, friends.




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