Chaos Theory is a band from Lima, Peru that recently approached us in hopes of having their music shared. We gave them a shot and we’re glad for it! Upon pressing play, our ears were met with a number of tastes cast from different musical and cultural palettes. They all merged in one lovely matrimony that was pleasing to the senses. Chaos Theory makes for a fairly unique and even a refreshing experience.

This project is still very much in development as the track they sent was just a piece from a series of demo recordings. But it’s safe to say they have a bright future which is worth encouraging right now. Their approach is intelligent as their skill is high. These tracks will be merged with further ideas as the band is currently in the process of formulating an EP and finding their place on this side of the industry. With time, they should fit in real nicely.

Give a listen and see what you think of this upcoming band. Be sure to show them some love if you enjoy the music as much as we did! Give a like on Facebook and stay tuned.


Links: Facebook // YouTube