Here’s a band you must hear. Human Improvement Process are as dangerous as they are talented. With five minds placed together, they take the approach of death metal and improve upon it through a number of experimental directions. This has been abundantly clear throughout their career. And they’ve been practicing their craft for the better half of a decade from their homestead of Modena, Italy.

Today, we’ll be looking at their latest and greatest – The EP “Enemies of the Sun”. This release is composed of a mere three tracks. That may not sound like much but, in reality, it brings a lot more with it. For all intents and purposes, it is the conceptual sequel to the Human Improvement Process debut full-length “Deafening Dissonant Millennium”. That 2013 album told a massive story centered around a science fiction future. But, more importantly, it was an absolutely kickass landmark in this band’s career. It delivered 11 tracks with a terrifying scale.

The EP begins with a tense build up in the title track “Enemies of the Sun” which leads into the two main tracks, “Project Monarch” and “Tortured Hands of Reason”. All in all, this trio of installments make for a great and very damn metal listening experience to behold. Human Improvement Process manage to pack a good bit of content and several great ideas into a run time spanning just above ten minutes. This is impressive to say the very least.

Something I especially enjoy about the composition this time ’round is how they’ve managed to strike an excellent balance between heavy and melodic thinking while keeping the intensity high on both ends. Even the most emotional passages will have your raging on this one!

“Enemies of the Sun” doesn’t really come strapped with any negatives. If anything, this band has managed to take their previous (if minor) flaws and improve upon them. In some ways, they even seem more focused on this go. Every single second on the record is touched by serious attention to detail worthy of respect. Human Improvement Process sounds sharper and more epic than ever!

When you add up all the factors, this EP is brilliant! Human Improvement Process have proven, once again, to be an immensely talented band that doesn’t shy away from pushing boundaries. And they are as technically proficient as they are creative in their craft. It’s easy to recommend both “Enemies of the Sun” and it’s prequel “Deafening Dissonant Millennium” to any metalhead seeking something new to gnosh on.

And, as luck would have it, the entirety of this release and the last are available through Bandcamp for streaming in their entirety. There are also awesome packages available for purchase in order to show your direct support. Any and all love is well deserved by Human Improvement Process. Allow their music to improve your life!


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