This news comes with a heavy heart and great concern. Guitarist and mastermind Justin Lowe appears to have left After The Burial due to a paranoid, schizophrenic type episode. This was declared through a long message on both his Facebook and Twitter accounts that he’s prompting everyone to save the message via a Dropbox Link. It basically boils down to a proposed conspiracy theory involving his band mates, his record label, his family, and much more. He opens with the statement, “I’ve been set up by something more powerful than law enforcement”. It gets much deeper and much more disturbing the more you read.

I personally have close relations to two great people who suffer from schizophrenia and this sounds very much like a psychotic episode gone wrong. Wherever Justin is right now, we sincerely hope that he’s alright and hopefully on his way to get the peace of mind he needs. He’s an amazing player and a brilliant mind to behold. Best of luck and much love to him.

If you wish to read, here’s the message he left (Click To Enlarge):

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