The countdown for the official release for the new Parkway Drive single is nearly at an end. But in almost obligatory internet fashion a track has surfaced on Youtube pertaining to be this new single. And well, it has fans of the band feeling considerably perplexed.

In short, the song is a significant departure from the bands usual sound and has many people raiding their store of 1980’s hair metal clichés to manufacture an appropriate description. Indeed it can only be described as a Mid-Tempo, main stage, main-stream, Neo-Dad Rock Plodder.

Metalcore bands have always generated abuse, mainly because the generic appellation itself is almost a synonym for uninspired, but the music, if it is a genuine song from PD, is so unashamedly focused towards Arena crowds, that it has Fans scratching their heads in mild bewilderment. I have no opinion of the trajectory of this statement, but Bon Jovi are being invoked but numerous brave souls who have dared listen to the song.

We won’t be sharing the track here, but less than a minutes sensible searching will have it playing before your very ears.

Perhaps it is just the band, who have been plying their trade in Breakdowns and Brashness for over a decade now, testing the waters to see if they extend their fanbase through the Metal mainstream. Or maybe they are huge Stryper fans and though “Fuck it, Lets make the music we always dreamed of.” Who knows? Well one things for certain, we will all know tomorrow when the clock ticks down and the new track is officially released.

– John Whitmore

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