You may remember this band for ripping your face off. Alternatively, you may remember them for their jaw dropping, chaotic first single “I Love Lamp” or making our Most Ridiculous Band Names list. Or, you may not remember them at all – in which case you should work on that.

Marky Mark Fights A Sharky Shark will soon be making a return with an all new, skull crumbling single. It looks like the monster is going to premiere right here on The Circle Pit. So, naturally, we’ve had a behind the scenes sneak peak and you’re not ready… Here’s what the band had to say:

“Vocals are complete. Mixing is in progress. Let it be known that we are returning to ravage you all with an aural onslaught of sweet, sweet death metal. Expect the follow-up single early July. It will feature our good buddy Jordan of Gravelord. Spread the word!”

While you wait for the impending insanity, have a taste of this band’s first go in “I Love Lamp” – You may have to secure your jaw before pressing play, lest it hits the floor.

Links: Facebook // YouTube