Mendel is truly one of those artists that should not be missed. Hailing from The Netherlands, he’s out to bend minds with instrumental greatness. Citing the legnedary composer Bach as his main influence and displaying incredible talent, it’s not hard to see why his music ends up as a breathtaking experience through and through.

After putting out a number of incredible releases including 2012’s “Subliminal Colors” and 2014’s EP “Shaking Hands With The Devil”, Mendel has prepared himself for the next step. He just released his sophomore full-length album “Oblivion” last month to meet well deserved critical acclaim and rejoicing from fans.

It’s really an incredible effort showing how far this artist has pushed himself over time. It’s highly recommended you experience it for yourself through the Bandcamp player below where you can all purchase the album. This is incredible material. Don’t sleep on it!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp