Morbid Angel have a long history with a lot of ups and downs. From being a part of the Floridian Death Metal movement to earning a place as legends and even a number of line up changes, it’s clear that a lot has happened. And now the time has come to turn yet another page…

Morbid Angel just underwent some major lineup changes today. First, it was announced that long time frontman / bassist David Vincent was leaving. In turn, it was announced that Steve Tucker, whose had two previous runs with the band, will be rejoining. Founding member and guitarist Trey Azagthoth had the following to say:

“I’m excited to announce that Steve Tucker and I are working together again for Morbid Angel and the next record will certainly be an amazingly sick World Beater!”

The other major change comes from behind the kit. Drummer mastermind Tim Yeung has also left the band with the following statement:

“I’ve been waiting to break the news for a while about this. Now seems like the proper time to do so.

As some of you know, there have been some line-up changes with Morbid Angel. Unfortunately, due to financial differences, I will not be continuing with them.

It has been a great five years being involved with Morbid Angel. I’ve met a ton of great people all over the world, played some amazing shows, and have a ton of great memories as well as stories.

I wish Trey (Azagthoth, guitar) and Morbid Angel all the best. As for myself, I’m always up for the next opportunity life throws my way.”

No word has been given of an official replacement. While you mourn theses losses and await future news, here’s some morbid music:

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