International Progressive Metal 5 piece Skyharbor have announced they have parted on amicable terms with original vocalist Dan Tompkins.

In an extensive Facebook post the band detailed the reasons behind the separation:

“In a nutshell, things have developed with this group far quicker than any of us expected, and we have been getting some amazing opportunities to take our music around the world. We have been lucky enough to be able to play sporadically in India, Europe and the UK, but we have always wanted to take our music further afield to territories such as North America and Australia, and for longer periods than Dan could commit to. As many of you will know, Dan is a husband and a father, and touring for long periods of time with little financial security made it very difficult for the band to be active, and Dan felt strongly that he was holding us back from good opportunities.

Keeping this in mind and the fact that Dan rejoined TesseracT last year, we realised we had to make a choice – we could continue with Dan but as a studio project only, or we could move forward with a dedicated and focused lineup to help Skyharbor grow freely and achieve what we all hope to achieve with it. All 5 of us have collectively and amicably decided that the latter option was the best for the band.

We love Dan as a brother, and are incredibly proud of the two albums we’ve created with him and the times we have shared on the road. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for all he’s done for this band, and the passion and dedication he put into each show. He will be sorely missed, but will always remain close to us.”

Then, swiftly on the heels of this news they were proud to announce the identity of the new Singer, Eric Emery, along with a video showcasing his skills with a live vocal cover of ‘Evolution’ the barnstorming second track from Guiding Lights.

He also owns a fucking massive cat!

All the best to Eric, Dan and the rest of Skyharbor in all of their endeavours.

– John Whitmore

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