The Schoenberg Automaton, like a demanding boss battle at the end of an epic video game, requires (a) me to gather myself before facing it in battle (b) repetitive plays to begin comprehension of its power. This band towers high above its foes and crushes down on them with a stomp attack worth something equivalent to 9,999 damage points.

I’m sure that made no sense to some of you. So allow me to reiterate… The Schoenberg Automation is an assemblage of Australian madmen who form an absolute death metal math monster.

They’ve wowed metallic audiences through previous releases such as 2013’s “Vela” and the self-titled 2011 debut EP. Now they’re baaaaaaaack….

The band is currently preparing the release of an all new album entitled “APUS”. There hasn’t been an exact release set but it will be happening this year. And the first musical evidence has just arrived… Behold! The new single “The Fragile Ones”. It comes complete with a lyric video which can be viewed down below. Stay tuned for much more!

And here are some past tracks so you can get re-acquainted with TSA.

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