1. Prevents Excessive Nudity.

2. If we see you at a show, we’ll buy you a beer.

3. If you don’t drink beer, we’ll buy you a beer and drink it for you.

4. You’ll be mistaken as a part of The Circle Pit team.

5. People will hassle you at urinals declaring their love for The Circle Pit (true story – reference reason 4).

6. You may or may not be allowed backstage access at shows (also reference reason 4).

7. There is no seventh reason.

8. Black is a very slimming colour.

8 1/2. It’s only $8.99!

9. Circle Pits will suddenly form around you everywhere you go!

10. It will keep you safe from spontaneous combustion.

11. Shia LeBeof said so.

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Posted by The Circle Pit on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

* This list may not be entirely accurate.