As I’m sure many of you know, Cattle Decapitation have a brand new album right around the corner! “The Anthropocene Extinction” will smash the world on August 7th, serving as the bands seventh full-length album. In support of this, the band just released an in-depth “making of” style documentary through the great people over at Noisey. Check out the goods along with the official press release down yonder:

As the official deployment of The Anthropocene Extinction, the impending new full-length from San Diego deathgrind visionaries, Cattle Decapitation, draws ever closer, today Vice Magazine’s mega music portal, Noisey, premieres the official “making of” documentary.

The making of The Anthropocene Extinction mini documentary brings fans up close and personal with the band and the intricacies involved in following up their critically-lauded Monolith Of Inhumanity full-length.

Issues Noisey of the fifteen-plus minute clip, “It’s an interesting look on how the band has changed their approach over the years, especially when gearing up for the new record. From Homovore to now, the band has refined their grindy sound into something dark yet crisp. This record is going to be an absolute monster, and you can even hear a little bit of it in the documentary.”

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