We had the honor of hanging out with Chad Gray last week during Mayhem Festival. It has to be noted that he’s probably the most humble and down to Earth rockstar that we’ve ever met. The guy is really the example of everything metal should be on a personal level. Respect.

So, it comes as no surprise that he left the following, positive statement in regards to Mayhem Festival. This is following all the negative back and forth that has recently loomed over the touring festival. And Chad has a great point or two seeing as Mayhem was actually pretty damn fun this year, regardless of the downsize and whatever Kerry King says.

“…Despite all the flying talk around mayhem it really is an honor and privilege to share the stage and tour with all these bands. Slayer, king diamond (my teen years) of course, devil wears Prada are fucking cool as shit and the second stage bands white chapel, thy art is murder, sister sin, jungle rot, shattered sun, feed her to the Sharks, kissing Candice ,sworn in and code Orange are all awesome as well. And heavy as fuck!

I’ve bought all these bands albums (at least the newest releases) and all are equally pretty fucking awesome. Metal is always here and everyone is bringing it as fucking hard as they can. If you have the means you should come out to the last few mayhem shows and get your fix of the legends as well as the newer bands. I’m a fan of metal so I’m just gonna be Switzerland on all the nay saying and shit talking. I have a ton of respect for all these bands and wish them all the best. RE-FUCKING-SPECT! Be awesome hellions! Chadnessss”

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