Here come the comments about hipsters, Pitchfork, and all things pretentious! But on a serious note… Deafheaven have a brand new album making landfall this October. And after the massive success and divisive nature of their 2013 album “Sunbather”, the anticipation is running high for what comes next.

And the first evidence of what comes next has just arrived. The band has released a trailer for their new album entitled “New Bermuda”. This has also come with the new artwork among other things. The trailer itself is actually pretty damn awesome, providing a point of massive contrast to lift the blood pressure. Check it out.

The album was recorded at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California and The Atomic Garden Recording Studio in East Palo Alto, California, respectively. This will be the bands first release through ANTI-, a label closely related to Epitaph Records.


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