While speaking with Diffuser, Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham and keyboardist / sampler Frank Delgado had some things to say about their new album. Key pieces of information surrounding the potential Fall release include the following. First, the album is currently in mixing. Abe Cunningham had the following things to say:

“They’re finishing the mixing right now. We’re actually getting mixes sent to us while we’re here….I prefer to be there but you can do almost anything remotely. You can put it on a funky box, you can put it on your phone, maybe your car. You always do that kind of stuff so we can do all these different things we can reference off of too. It’s pretty quick. You can go back and forth if you need any changes.”

When asked about the new albums creative process and the fact that they created about 20 songs, they had the following to say:

Delgado – This one was different. This one was a lot of starting and stopping which I think is something we would’ve been scared of before. For the last couple of records, we went in and we started writing and we didn’t stop until we finished the record. This one we took our time and it was a good pace. Everyone needed that break to breathe, to go home to family. Now we’re ready to be able to work like this. It allowed us to think about things longer as opposed to get something done by a deadline.

We’re actually really good when we get together and find something that’s cool. It’s just a matter of hanging out long enough and waiting for it to happen. You can’t really force it, know what I mean? You can make your environment as comfortable as possible. Sometimes a lot of things come fast and sometimes it doesn’t.

Cunningham – As long as the goal is there with everyone to complete something. Before, it’s kind of typical with any band where you have your allotted time — here’s a month or a month and a half — to be creative even if you’re not. This was a nice way to just have breathers with family and just be normal.

Delgado – And actually we would do shows, go in and write for a coupe of weeks, and then go do a couple of one-offs. We’d go home for a couple of weeks and then go back to the studio for a couple of weeks, a month or whatever.

For the full interview and much more information directly from the band, head over to Diffuser for the full interview! In the meantime, here’s some music:

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