It’s official! The recording sessions behind the new Deftones album have officially wrapped up. It was previously announced that the music itself was finished back in late April. You can read much more on that stage by CLICKING HERE. Ever since, frontman Chino Moreno has been hard at work layering vocals on top of this to complete the package. And late last night, he left the following message via Facebook:

Finished recording my voice parts for record. :) -chino

There’s no final word on a release date, but Chino previously stated that they’re aiming for  a September 25th release date. Yet again, you can read more on that by CLICKING HERE.

He had a few more choice words in interviews with the legendary Metal Hammer and Kerrang! respectively:

I feel like each album is a snapshot of a time and place of our band. When I listen to, say, Around The Fur, it takes me right back to that time and place. You just have to capture the vibe of the time. I think we did that on this record, too. It’s not like a typical riff-rock record. It’s not full of ballads, either. This one is a challenge. We made a point of thinking about what we have learned from songwriting over the years to structure stuff a little differently. Believe me, this isn’t a case of, ‘Oh, that worked last time, so let’s just do it again.’ We definitely wanted to avoid doing that.

I think this is one of our best albums – and I know it’s a cliché to say the thing you’re working on is the best. My favorite Deftones record is probably still “Around The Fur“. Maybe the songwriting wasn’t as great back then, but I’ll tell you what: it was one of the times of our lives where nothing else in the world mattered apart from writing those songs. Musically, I think this new one is up to par, if not better than anything we’ve done.

Stay tuned for much more from camp Deftones. We’ll keep you up to date.

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