As many of you probably know, Slayer is currently headlining Mayhem Festival with many other bands performing such as Jungle Rot. As many of you also probably know, Slayer’s Kerry King has been making negative comments about the tour during its duration. While speaking with Metal Insider, he had the following to say:

“Do I know this tour wasn’t booked correctly? Absolutely I know this tour wasn’t booked correctly. Gary Holt made the comment that usually there’s the Main Stage, a second stage, a third stage, and then that piece of shit record stage…now what they’re calling a second stage is at best a fourth stage and they’re wondering why people aren’t showing up. I think they waited too long and think all the talent that could have been on this took gigs in Europe. Because there’s nobody here touring. It’s easy to fill these stages but I guess they wanted a different price point, take away the second and third stage which I think had a lot of value. To me a second stage headliner is Anthrax, Machine Head…Whoever booked this made a gigantic error.”

In response, Jungle Rot frontman Dave Matrise had the following to say via Live Metal:

“I’m gonna be truthful — I take it very personal. I’m a longtime Slayer fan, and I hate to say it, but now I’m gonna change my thoughts about Slayer over this. It’s because of the simple fact that there’s a lot of people, including myself, and a lot of bands here that have a lot of money invested in this tour, and we’re trying to make our money back, and we’re trying to keep this thing rolling. And here’s this guy, and he opens his mouth and sabotages the tour, in my opinion. And then he talks shit about Victory and that’s our label as well, and calls it a ‘shit stage.’ Well, if it wasn’t for Victory probably getting this stage, this tour would’ve never even happened.

“That’s just my opinion, and if he would get off the bus once in a while instead of charging $20 for a picture or a signing or whatever the hell he does, he’d probably see that there’s some really good talent out there, man. So yeah, I take it very personal. I think he stuck his foot in his mouth and I hope this turns on him and I hope for the worst. I have had enough — the guy’s been runnin’ his mouth enough and this is the final straw.”

When asked if the confrontation could potentially turn physical, Matrise also said the following:

“No, nothin’ like that. Everyone’s over it already, now we’re just seein’ what happens. All the band are sticking together, the crew’s workin’ hard — they’re here at 6 a.m. in the morning. He just has to think before he talks.

“This stuff ain’t easy, man. In livin’ this lifestyle, touring is touring and he should know. He’s been doing this for however many years.

“You take the punches when they roll, man, on every tour. Every tour is up and down like a roller coaster — they’re all not gonna just be glamorous.

“It just don’t make sense to me. He could’ve waited until he was done after the tour to open his mouth. It would’ve been much better. No one would’ve cared then.”

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