Here’s something awesome. The O’Keefe Music Foundation brought together kids ranging from teens to tots in order to cover the tracks “Sober” and “46 and 2” by Tool and they performed admirably. In fact, they performed so well they got a compliment directly from Tool’s Adam Jones. He had the following to say while sharing around the video:

“~ nice job! *should be played on the radio”

Check out the covers and be sure to show some love if you enjoy the effort by these kids. They’re currently funding and album and they deserve it.

In other Tool news, the album still looks to be slowly progressing forward as you can see by CLICKING HERE for the latest. It’s doubtful that it will make a 2015 release as previously stated – but at least it’s happening. More recent Tool updates can be found HERE and HERE.

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The O’Keefe Music Foundation: Official Website