Killswitch Engage will soon be embarking on their Summer tour with Rise Against and Letlive (DATES HERE). But this hasn’t come close to stopping them from working on the new album. Jesse Leach just let it be known through Instagram that the band has officially completed five songs towards the final product. He had the following to say of this:

“Tracked my last complete song before the @riseagainst @letliveperiod tour. That makes 5 songs down and perhaps half of one tomorrow if I can sort out what I want to do…Pretty stoked on the song I just finished, it turned out to be quite unique sonically and lyrically, it’s an ode to the road, the trials and triumphs, the friendships and long distance love. So far this record has a little bit of everything and I couldn’t be happier with it. Also pushing my voice to higher registers and allowing the grit to come through which definitely suits my style as a vocalist.

The topics are pretty heavy so far on the first four (even though they are all very different from each other) so this one rounds it out with a more uptempo sing along feel (almost punk rock meets 80s Metal riffs with double bass for good measure). I truly hope @killswitchengage fans of all types will be able to find something they dig on this record. That being said, so far I truly feel I’ve put my everything into this record. So thankful and happy I get to do this and let the music flow through me. Time to drink some coffee and do some writing while resting my voice. Good times ahead my friends! #killswitchengage #KseRecordingSessions #OdeToTheRoad #Brotherhood #RiseAgainst #LetLive #PMA #WritersLife #TourLife”

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