This month, Killswitch Engage will be kicking off their Summer tour with none other than Rise Against and Letlive. You can find all the dates and necessities through the link just below.

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In anticipation of this move and their upcoming album cycle, Jesse Leach had some things to say – some of which pertains to brand new Killswitch Engage music:

“Yesterday I had a blast hanging with my dudes getting some photos for the new record cycle (we worked with #TravisShinn @mtshinn an amazing and down to earth photographer). Lots of laughs and interesting places around western Massachusetts. Today we rehearse our set for tour including a new one & throwing in “Loyalty” as well for good measure! Still have a ways to go on the record, but 4 songs in and we are all very excited with what we have done thus far! Stay tuned!”

If you wish to hear more on the upcoming Killswitch Engage album, you can CLICK HERE. For everyone else, here’s some music and “Loyalty”.

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