In a surprise development Acrania have pulled out of their headline tour of the UK with Slaughter To Prevail. In addition to this Guitarists Ben Sutherland, Jack Simmons and Sam Baker have decided to leave the band to concentrate on other projects.

In a statement via their Facebook page the band had this to say:

Hello everyone, due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to pull out of our headline tour starting in London tomorrow. The last thing we wanted to do was to pull this tour, but unfortunately a sequence of events has left us with no other option. We can’t apologise enough, and recognise that pulling a tour with this little notice is completely unacceptable. Please contact your local promoter for more information regarding whether their show is still going ahead with Science Of Sleep. We are still performing our UK Tech-Metal Fest slot on Thursday 9th.

In addition to this, guitarists Jack Simmons and Sam Baker and bassist Ben Sutherland have decided to part ways with Acrania. Jack and Sam will be focusing on their other band Slaughter To Prevail, while Ben now plays guitar in Harbinger.

Thank you, and again we are very sorry that this has had to happen.


This sad news promises to add an extra degree of spice to their After-Party slot at Tech-Fest, which now finds itself practically a farewell show. And with the band reduced to vocalist Luke Griffen and drummer Jake Hadley, whatever Phoenix rises from these flames could well be significantly different from what descended into them.

– John Whitmore

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