Continuing their recent string of support for the new album “Node”, Northlane have released yet another music video! This time around, it’s for the track “Impulse”. And similar to their other recent music videos, they’ve kept up the high production value. In other words, this music video looks slick. For lack of a better description, it might be the most djenty thing you ever seen. Space n’ shit. But there’s also more to it than that. Around the 14 second mark, they introduce arguably one of the coolest shots seen in recent music videos. It persists throughout the video’s duration.

Oh, and the song itself is pretty cool too. In case you missed out on the good news, you can actually listen to the entirety of Northlane’s “Node” right now! The goods are available through the link just below. And you had better believe we’ve included all their recent music videos for you.

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