Tuesday’s tragedy has left the entire metal community in a heavily saddened state. The pain found through this unfortunate situation is widespread given the surreal impact Justin had. For those of you who weren’t informed of Justin Lowe’s untimely passing, you can learn more by CLICKING HERE.

For everyone else, we wanted to take some time to respect Justin’s legacy by showing you his most recent and largely unheard release. A mere two days before Justin’s condition was made public knowledge, the man made his long running Demo Reel public. Essentially, he took many of the musical ideas he had been collecting over time and made them accessible with the following message:

“Over the years (10+years!), I’ve piled up quite a lot of unheard demos and unreleased ideas. I finally decided to go ahead and upload some of those for you to check out! Thanks for listening.”

This makes for over half an hour of largely unheard of music from the fallen legend.

In addition, we wanted to show some videos and songs with a certain nostalgiac energy to them. It’s time to reflect on the good things. It’s time to remember what a great person Justin was and how much we’re going to miss his brilliance. It’s time to pay respect and keep his family and friends in our thoughts. And with all of this in mind, it’s time to let Justin’s radiance be heard.

R.I.P. Justin Lowe

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