There is an intense professionalism at the heart of Omega Diatribe’s music. The 7 years since their formation have been used wisely in building up a deep and complex Lexis of groove and complementary melody.

They operate in the fissures between groove metal and deathcore. With a low slung and highly syncopated approach suggesting more than a passing awareness of Djent and other highly syncopated progressive metal. As with a lot of Groove metal, their use of tempo is restrained and limited to a fairly narrow range. But this controlled attitude does not mean the music is without energy. Indeed it seems to create its own simmering, violent form of combustion via the cunning and thoughtful juxtaposition of riff and rhythm.

Some riffs are punchy and rigid, whereas others are more spacious and spectral; yet all remain within the focus of the band’s personality. That personality is haunting and thoughtful, searching and full of experimental questions; even if the answers are perhaps not always immediately forthcoming. I personally found the EP a very engaging and skilful release.

My one criticism would be that there is no single stand out track. No one song that would without hesitation be included on a mix-tape. Now this does not detract in any way from the EP as a whole, as the tracks make able, complimentary companions for each other; bolstering with aplomb and creating a hypnotic driven, connecting groove with their unified strength.

Perhaps, in the future, with the application of a little more brash egotism, Omega Diatribe will elevate themselves to the level of achievement that this EP promises.

– John Whitmore


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