There are many bands out there producing sweet (or not so sweet) sounds of binary when they write their metal music. Dyzen could be counted among these with their awesome, technical approach to music. But they just went full binary on their latest song “Digital Senseless” featuring Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT, ex-Skyharbor, etc.) …or at the very least they went full binary on the music video itself. The song adds in plenty of frills, embellishments, and melody with the 11000101010… But the video… It’s the truest binary metal music video these eyes have ever seen!

It’s also somewhat funny to see this band collecting TesseracT vocalist cameos, having previously worked with Ashe O’hara on the track “As One”. Both tracks come complete with great music videos. And, as such, you can watch both of them down below. Enjoy!

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