The one and only Uneven Structure have returned with a glorious bang. After a solid 3 years of work, they’re preparing to release the sequel to the legendary “Februus” at last! “La Partition”, the new album, is slated for release later this year. But the first musical evidence has just arrived! “Funambule” serves as a monstrous single, pummeling the listener with massive walls of groove and the wonderful feeling that you’ve re-entered the fantastical world of Uneven Structure. Have a listen for yourself and purchase over on Bandcamp if you enjoy!

Guitarist Igor Omodei had the following to say of the effort:

“We started working on La Partition around mid 2012. Back then we had no clear idea about the sound we were aiming for, we only knew we’d like something organic sounding and managing to keep its momentum through the whole album more than in Februus.

“There are very slow noisy and heavy tracks — almost sludge-like — and much faster, hectic ones. Some are very intimate. It’s all a matter of having dynamics and keeping things unexpected. You get these moments where something happens, and then the track just takes your hand and pulls you in another direction.”

Brace yourselves for much more from Uneven Structure.


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