Devin Townsend is arguably one of the hardest working musicians out there. The man put out a total of three albums last year alone – “Ziltoid 2”, “Sky Blue”, and “Casualties of Cool” (four albums if you include the bonus disc!). This year, he has more than a few projects in the works with a symphony, a new album, an autobiography, and now what looks to be a “Return of Ziltoid” Blu-Ray! Devin had the following to say:

“Looks like Casualties Of Cool is going to be re-released (official release) on Inside Out records next year… : )…including a DVD of the show we did at Union Chapel. The commercial release doesn’t have the bonus disk though… The audio one I mean…”

“Also, we managed to finish the Blu Ray of Royal Albert Hall show, it’s out on the 19th of Nov in Europe and the 27th in NA. It’s really good”

The Royal Albert Hall show is a direct reference to “The Return of Ziltoid” set. They played the entirety of “Dark Matters” and many Ziltoidian fan favorites from the first album. The Blu-Ray should be quite a doozy! Stay tuned for much, much more from Hevy Devy.

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