Presenting Neshiima. This is quite a unique band emerging from the hallowed lands of Scotland. From Glasgow, their sound reverberates in a way that is rarely heard. They are known for taking elements of Groove Metal and “Djent”, if you will, and merging them with both hip-hop and clean vocals. As such, the only other band they can really be compared to (that we know of, at least) is Hacktivist.

Today marks a special time for Neshiima. As they’ve been working towards a brand new EP release, “Beware of Gifts”, the band has procured a noteworthy music video. This is for an all new track called “Become The Ocean”. The song delivers while the video itself sees an interesting fusion between their brand of metal music and the world of wrestling. To be more specific, it’s a brutal look into the world of Insane Championship Wrestling. Take a gander at the video below.

If you enjoy the music, be sure that much more will soon be coming from Neshiima. In the meantime, you can also check out the band’s official website by CLICKING HERE. It contains all the information, music, and videos from the band that you could possibly hope for.

Also, our very own John Whitmore recently had the chance to interview the good people of Neshiima at UK Tech Fest. You can watch the fallout from such humorous interactions by CLICKING HERE.

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