Presenting Sound Struggle. This is an insanely original six man band from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Their craft primarily comes down to flawlessly bridging the gap between Funk and Progressive Metal with sprinklings of Jazz. You can mull that over all you want but you really need to hear it to believe it.

The band just released a brand new single called “Perpetual Motion” in anticipation of their upcoming sophomore album “Rise”. This single sees the band step more in the direction of instrumental Progressive Metal with bits of their usual experimentation mixed in. It serves as a great listening experience and a testament to the band continuously growing as musicians.

If you missed out, you should also check into the band’s other latest single “The Disease”. It demonstrates the full on Prog + Funk approach the band is known for. And while you’re at it, the band’s debut, self-titled album makes for an excellent listening experience – check it out by CLICKING HERE. We also recently interviewed the band – yet again, check it by CLICKING HERE.


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