After unleashing their masterful effort “The Anaesthete” (Review Here) in 2013 and much more in the past, Rosetta have returned this year to bring you “Quintessential Ephemera” (in addition to their “Audio​/​Visual Original Score“). The new effort made landfall in late June to face high critical acclaim and wide acceptance from the Rosetta fanbase. And this is with good reason. The Philadelphian legends have delivered yet another high quality record into their discography. If one could describe this album with one word, “beautiful” would be an appropriate choice.

As per usual, Rosetta have made the entirety of “Quintessential Ephemera” available for streaming through Bandcamp. Furthermore, the band has made the album available for a “name your price” download! Good luck finding a deal better than that. However, it’s highly recommended that fans show any support they can given the 100% independent nature of this band and all the work they’ve put in. Same goes for any musicians you enjoy. Hope you all have a good day!


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