It’s time to experience Meshuggah in a way you never have before. Imagine if “Straws Pulled At Random” was for the purpose of drinking soda or if “Bleed” was for the purpose of blood sugar. Introducing “Me Sugar”, a creation from the one and only Pete Cottrell. The man has continued his legacy of creative excellence by quite literally sugar coating the Meshuggah sound.

This was done through using various confections for the sake of percussion. He plays through the aforementioned “Straws Pulled At Random” on a beautiful looking guitar while using everything from Oreos to Red Bulls, Sprinkles to Starbursts, and beyond bring the odd rhythm. You really need to watch to get the full grasp of the hard he put in.

The video can be found down below alongside the original “Straws Pulled At Random” for all of your cross comparison needs. In other Meshuggah news, the band is still working on their new album, now slated for a 2016 release. You can read more about that by CLICKING HERE.

Pete Cottrell: Facebook // YouTube

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