Given the departure of drummer Mike Malyan from Monuments, the band has been on the hunt for a new face. None other than Anup Sastry (Skyharbor, ex-Intervals) will be filling Mike’s shoes. The band left the following message in regards to this.

We’d like to welcome on drums ‘Anup Sastry’

Anup says:

‘Im really stoked to announce that I’ve joined Monuments. I’ve toured with every member in the band at some point in time, and we’ve been good friends ever since. The music and live energy is perfect for my style of playing, and Im very excited to take to the stage with the band.’

We play the boileroom in Guildford with Anup tomorrow for his debut. Come down and have a party!

Fuck you >:D

For more information on the departure of Mike Malyan, CLICK HERE. Videos from both drummers at work can be found below:

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