Previously, it had been said that the new Deftones album would be released sometime next month. Not too surprisingly, this isn’t the case given that the band just finished recording the album and started mixing last month. Accordingly, Chino has proposed a new release date while giving an interview to radio station WSOU. More specifically, he had the following to say:

“As of today, we’re rushing to get our thank yous, our credits, and all that stuff turned in. Once the music is turned in, which should be hopefully in the next couple of weeks. There’s still some mixing and mastering to be done. But the recording is all done. The songs are there. They’re written and recorded and they’re awesome. We’re excited about it. We’re just dealing with the stuff now – putting all the artwork and everything together. And then, a few months for them, the powers that be, to prepare it to be released… I think it’s (November) 20th. Don’t quote me on that though.”

So, yet again, it’s not official. But we’re hopeful and will keep you up to date on what happens. You can listen to the full interview down yonder and tide yourselves over with some sweet music.

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