In a gift of fan service, Rings of Saturn have opted to re-record and re-release arguably their most famous song, “Seized And Devoured”. This was highly requested to be done with the bands newest members as a testament to their current line up and audio capabilities. Check what the band had to say along with the re-release itself down below. We’ve also included the original for all of your cross comparison needs.

Seized and Devoured 2.0 (Available now on Itunes and Spotify) is something special we wanted to do for our fans for all of the support they have shown the band over the years! A lot of fans of our first album, Embryonic Anomaly, have been requesting to hear a higher quality re-recording of the most popular track off that album, Seized and Devoured, with our newer vocalist, Ian Bearer. So we listened and decided to put out this single for our fans as a thank you, and also to hold everyone over until our upcoming material gets released!

Additional Info:

Completely re-recorded, mixed and mastered at the same studio that produced Lugal Ki En, Studio 344
Lucas Mann – Guitars, Bass
Ian Bearer – Vocals
Aaron Stechauner – Drums

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