It bears saying that this may not be true at all… Past GWAR singer Kim “Vulvatron” Dylla had quite a story to tell from her experience at Heavy Montreal this weekend. Allegedly, she got in a physical altercation with Upon A Burning Body vocalist Danny Leal. This was, yet again, allegedly following Danny harassing women that were with Dylla. The story goes like this:


When the good people of Lambgoat reached out to Kim for further insight, she had the following to say:

“My message is don’t come up and grab strange women’s asses randomly and then when they push you off say ‘fuck you whores, I fuck better women every day’… and then not expect someone to act defensively. Security was nowhere to be found so I thought it would be best to put him in a restraint til they did. I hit him in the glasses with my beer then got a chokehold on in 10 seconds. Threw him out of our area and said don’t treat women like that you entitled dick. He came back with 5 of his friends (I wonder what he told his posse that he needed backup for…) and we had gotten security by then. He was still mouthing off about wanting to hit ‘whores’ so they escorted him out and he said, ‘Don’t you know who I am? I’m a performer.'”

Lambgoat was then contacted by a witness named Kevin Joel on Facebook. Here’s what he had to say:

You reached out to the lady but didn’t reach out to anybody else there? Seems one sided to me. Here’s what I saw, standing 2 feet away from the “incident.”

This lady and her friends were being belligerent and clearly intoxicated. Some of them did not even have the right wristbands and were not supposed to be in this area. Danny asked one of them where the bathrooms were and her friend gave a sarcastic and rude answer, so Danny cracked some jokes back. Kim then comes and takes a swing at someone who was not suspecting it…he didn’t get hurt, he didnt get beat, and he didnt hit back, and there was no “fight”. The whole incident happened in literally 30 seconds in a very public place with security right nearby.

The entire time the boys in UABB remained calm and collected, while this lady and her friends laughed about it and told their friends how they were going to fuck them over and they couldn’t do anything back because they were girls.

The band hasn’t addressed it because its such a dumb non-issue that was dealt with and is now being over dramatized. UABB are the most humble, hard working, and respectful people I’ve ever been around in the music industry, and its crazy to witness such blatant lies and misinformation being spread.

I had my camera with me at the time but chose not to film the incident because I’m not in the business of celebrity gossip and these girls were just causing a scene..but then she started lying to security, laughing with her friends about it, and being unprofessional, so I snapped some photos/vids of it and also of Danny talking about it after – again, where he was calm and collected. I turned that over to the band, but I don’t think there’s any need for them to address this sensationalized and bullshit story. I’m just speaking up because it’s not fair to witness this misinformation and hate coming from people 2000 miles away.

Though this particular incident may not be true, this wouldn’t be the first time Danny Leal made headlines for unsavory behavior. Upon A Burning Body lost a decent chunk of their fanbase and a good bit of respect last year when he faked his own kidnapping as a promotional stunt.

Kim was at the festival promoting the infamous metal cruise 70,000 Tons of Metal with a hot tub, beer, and wrestling. A few notables made appearances – even Abbath. Take a look if you will.