It’s official! Walls of Jericho are now recording an all new album. This will be the band’s first in 7 whole years! Time sure flies when you’re headbanging. The heavy as fuck Detriot metalcore outfit is currently at Cleveland, Ohio’s Spider Studios. Ben Schigel (Misery Signals, Chimaira) is helping their cause once again, working as the producer / audio engineer. There’s a definite possibility of a late 2015 / early 2016 release through Napalm Records.

Here’s a statement that was released prior to this:

We’re Entering The Studio!

Detroit Michigan’s WALLS OF JERICHO recently signed to Napalm Records. The band with front woman Candace Puopolo have now officially announced that they are entering the Spider Studios (Chimaera, Ringworm) with producer Ben Schigel starting on May 1st.

Seemingly overnight, stylized bands playing strains of melodic hardcore have sailed up the pop charts. But for WALLS OF JERICHO things have played out a bit differently. During the scene’s ascension, the band’s members have all but shunned the idea of a genre tag or an “image” and have instead focused their energies on making music that will survive strictly on its musical merits. From the start this has been the mind-set of WALLS OF JERICHO.

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