They’re back! Remember the infectious sounds of Humality? I could attempt to describe this upcoming Australian band’s sound in a number of ways. But honestly, the most straightforward explanation is to say Mudvayne meets Meshuggah. They successfully merge sounds akin to these bands to make something that sounds very fresh and aggressive.

Humality’s debut, 2014 EP is a headbanger’s dream from start to finish. Now, allow us to present the much anticipated followed up to last year’s “Nowhere”… New music has just arrived with the EP “Now Here”! You may or may not realize the clever title switch between the two, a phenomena that digs deeper than the cover itself. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

The entirety of Humality’s “Now Here” is now streaming exclusively right here! We’re honored to bring you such an intense listening experience from this exceptional group of musicians. If you enjoy the music, be sure to support the band with a purchase over on Bandcamp!

In addition, feel free to check out Humality’s debut release “Nowhere”. Both EPs have a lot to offer for listeners. Enjoy the music!


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp