It’s been quite the turbulent time for Cynic and their fans. The band had announced a breakup last week at the word of drummer Sean Reinert. The following back and forth between him and Paul Masvidal was made very public. You can read much more about that by CLICKING HERE.

Now, it turns out the remaining members will perform their headline slot at Euroblast without Sean Reinert. The replacement drummer will be the insanely talented Matt Lynch from Trioscapes. Unfortunately, however, they’ve dropped the other European tour dates before and after that festival. Here’s the official word:

“The remaining members of Cynic will headline Euroblast on October 3rd as scheduled. Many thanks to the fans, promoters, agents and others, working on behalf of the band to make this show happen. It is the only show that was salvageable from Cynic’s European tour, cancelled without the band’s consensus by a single member last week.”

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