In a recent response to one of his fans, David Maxim Micic unveiled a lot of information about the status of his career. This includes a lot of information about the many projects that he’s been working on. More exciting yet, he inadvertently let it be known that “Bilo 4.0” is happening! This will be the continuation of the beloved series from the musical genius. Here’s the full response he gave via ask.fm.

My 2015 new year’s resolution has been to not work on anything besides my own music/projects. So I’ve been refusing to work with some bands/singers for the past 8 months and lost the opportunity to earn some really good cash. I borrowed $$ from my parents for months and felt like shit, been a bit depressed/scared about the outcome of this little experiment of mine, but I worked harder than ever!! :)

I finished writing about 40% of next Bilo 4.0 record, finished demoing next Destiny Potato, traveled the Europe with my fellow Potatoes, started working on e-ovation FINALLY, released two EPs (I repeat TWO EPs) “Ego & Eco” from which I learned a LOT about myself as a musician, now I’m working on Aleksandra Djelmash’s debut EP, after that recording of new Destiny Potato record and I have thousands more ideas on what I should work on next and it’s really exciting!!! On financial side of things, PayPal finally started working in my country so I’ve paid the debt I had to my parents for this year, I have the money to pay any expenses that might come my way now and saved some $$ on side for the future. It can be done, but it took me more than 5 years of really hard work, releasing my own music and promoting myself and my band on the internet (I’ve had my first vacation this year after 5 years) to come to this point where I can say I might make a living of making my own music in the future :)

I might thank everyone for supporting my ass now, but I’ll save that for the end of the year when I can turn back and look at this whole year more objectively and emotionally :D It’s not time for that now, it’s time to work my ass off for a few more months… and enjoy every second of it!! :)

In other words, prepare yourselves for much more from the man David Maxim Micic! Here’s some of his brand new music in the meantime:

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